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Tips For Running A Studio

If you own a studio for your work purposes, you will be able to relate to the practical difficulties that most of us face in our studios. Most often than not the rent is very high but the space would be quite small. Depending on the work you do, you will have many complications that you may need to overcome! 


Space is one of the major limitations that most of us face in our studios. In my first ever studio, I was even unable to keep all of my musical instruments in the studio. As it took up way too much space. So I had to lock up the ones I didn’t use at the moment in the wall cupboard in order to save space! And it was actually a great tip. De-clustering the studio made it look bigger than it actually was. Don’t buy any furniture. Try to have as little furniture as possible! Also try to paint the studio in white to give it an enhanced look. You can also get furniture with multi-purposes that are very cost effective and space saving as well!


When it comes to clients, you need to ensure that you treat them properly. If you are running a saloon and they require to private makeup artist, make sure that your employee or if it is you who is supposed to do the job, you provide the best possible results. You need to always keep your customers satisfied. Unless they are completely satisfied with your work they will not be loyal customers and most probably they will not bring in referrals. And keep in mind that referrals are one of the best ways to increase your business!


Most studios are compact and small in size, so you will need to ensure that you have a good ventilation system in place. The ventilation system will not only help with the air flow, it will also help avoid any bad smells that may infect the studio. It doesn’t matter if installing a proper ventilation system is going to cost you a little bit, because it is a very vital thing to have in every studio! The limitation in space may even force you to get hold of a mobile makeup artist to do all your client needs if you don’t have enough space!


The location of the studio will also be a very determining factor in your business’s success. If you want your business to flourish you will need to locate in a prime location where you can be assured of a good customer flow. Also make sure that area is a good one that is safe and secure as well!