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Tips For Running A Studio

If you own a studio for your work purposes, you will be able to relate to the practical difficulties that most of us face in our studios. Most often than not the rent is very high but the space would be quite small. Depending on the work you do, you will have many complications that you may need to overcome! 


Space is one of the major limitations that most of us face in our studios. In my first ever studio, I was even unable to keep all of my musical instruments in the studio. As it took up way too much space. So I had to lock up the ones I didn’t use at the moment in the wall cupboard in order to save space! And it was actually a great tip. De-clustering the studio made it look bigger than it actually was. Don’t buy any furniture. Try to have as little furniture as possible! Also try to paint the studio in white to give it an enhanced look. You can also get furniture with multi-purposes that are very cost effective and space saving as well!


When it comes to clients, you need to ensure that you treat them properly. If you are running a saloon and they require to private makeup artist, make sure that your employee or if it is you who is supposed to do the job, you provide the best possible results. You need to always keep your customers satisfied. Unless they are completely satisfied with your work they will not be loyal customers and most probably they will not bring in referrals. And keep in mind that referrals are one of the best ways to increase your business!


Most studios are compact and small in size, so you will need to ensure that you have a good ventilation system in place. The ventilation system will not only help with the air flow, it will also help avoid any bad smells that may infect the studio. It doesn’t matter if installing a proper ventilation system is going to cost you a little bit, because it is a very vital thing to have in every studio! The limitation in space may even force you to get hold of a mobile makeup artist to do all your client needs if you don’t have enough space!


The location of the studio will also be a very determining factor in your business’s success. If you want your business to flourish you will need to locate in a prime location where you can be assured of a good customer flow. Also make sure that area is a good one that is safe and secure as well!

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Which Popular Dyed Hair Trend You Need To Try Out Next

A simple pop of color added to your natural hair can make a world of a difference. Whether it’s introducing lighter and darker shades of natural hair colors in order to create more volume, or being bold and choosing a vibrant rainbow hue to go with your bright personality, colored hair seems to be a trend that’s not going away any time soon. Nowadays, hair color trends vary from natural looking highlights to pastel shades ombré. Read on to discover some popular hair trends you need to try out next. Good Old Fashioned HighlightsThis is when certain sections of your hair are colored a lighter shade of the rest of your hair in order to make it look like your hair has more depth. Highlights are a hair technique that will never truly go out of style as it adds more vibrance and fun without having to add any extreme unnatural shades to your natural hair. As your hairdresser stylist Gold Coast will probably tell you, highlights can make your facial features look more prominent and even give the illusion of a slimmer facial structure. Additionally, thanks to highlights your hair gets to look naturally sun-kissed and even voluminous as the difference in shades creates more depth in the hair. Ombre to Dye ForAn ombré is a popular technique where your natural hair blends with another color around the mid-section of your hair. This is a go-to technique among people who get their hair colored for the first time as the roots of your hair remain its natural color and thus do not get damaged by the hair dye or bleach. Additionally if it does not turn out the way you thought it would, you can just cut off the colored section of your hair and wear your hair shorter. Back in the day people chose shades lighter than their natural hair color for this technique, however nowadays more vibrant dyes like blues and greens which are readily available at almost all hair salons are used.

All About ColorAlthough many people are hesitant to try out unnatural hair colors due to the extra bit of care and maintenance they require, many stylists nowadays recommend trying out a vibrant color like blue or pink on your hair at least once in a lifetime. Although bright rainbow colors do not seem natural, you’ll be surprised at how colored hair can make you look like you have a fun, bold and carefree personality and a positive attitude in life. Therefore, you shouldn’t keep sticking to the natural shades of hair color, be bold and experiment. After all, you can always color it back if you do not get the desired results. Please click here for more

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The Right Ways To Achieve Your Body Goals Without Surgery

The way we look will decide on who we are. Your body size will put your through a lot of difficulties if you don’t dedicate to maintain your body shape. If your body is out of shape, you will have to deal with a lot of negatives coming your way. some of the negativities that you will have to face when you are out of shape is the insecurities, being called fat, you trying to convince yourself that you are not good enough and he list goes on and on. To make your life so much better and live a life free from insecurities you need to make sure that you maintain your body to reach your body goals. You might not have time to keep up a workout schedule with your hectic lifestyle. No matter what kind of a hectic lifestyle that you are living, you need to priorities your body and maintaining it in the ideal body shape. Here are some of the things that you need to know about achieving your body goals in the safest ways without surgery:

Reshape, torn and contour your body

As mentioned before, you might not be able to work out due to different reasons. However, you should not make it a reason to keep you away from reaching your body goals. There are many ways that will help you reach your body goals that can be potentially harmful. Therefore, you need to filter out all the methods that cause potential harm but make sure that you always stick to the right methods of fat removal. Sticking to safe and non-surgical fat reduction methods is important since it does not come with any side effects but positive results. Whether you are given trouble with the fat deposits all over your body or in a certain area, it is important that you focus on the right ways of getting rid of them so that you can feel refreshed and so much better about the way your body looks and feels.

Your lifestyle

The way you live your lifestyle and the decision that will make will decide on your physical wellbeing as well as you your mental wellbeing. You need to make sure that you are suit yourself to live a lifestyle that will help you maintain healthy levels of fat in the body. The lifestyle changes that you make are important. Always focus on sticking to the right BMI. If any area of your body is not making your feel right, you should fix It right away so that there are no down comings in your body.